Ketrics Analytics

Extract the real value from your data

Add new functionalities to your systems

Dashboards & Reports

Get reports quickly, crossing multiple sources of information to answer your questions as you need it.

API Integrations

Integrate your web applications data into your analysis.


Your data is secure when using Ketrics. SSL ensures the browser connection between users and Ketrics with an encryption of up to 256 bits.

We develop your ideas

Our goal is to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution, we have trained developers to convert your information requirements into a reality.

Take advantage of all the power of your servers

All reports are based on the execution of queries to your database server. Our platform allows you to execute complex queries using all the power of your servers, saving investments in infrastructure and softwares. We are expert in databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL.

Develop your own Reports and Dashboards

Our platform allows your IT team the possibility of developing new reports using a series of JSON, SQL and HTML templates.

Security first!

Our architecture is designed to keep all the requirements of our users secure through SSL / TLS connections.

All traffic between your web browser and the Ketrics servers is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.

2-step authentication

All our users can activate 2-step authentication through a one-time password (TOTP). Two-step verification will protect our clients from malicious users even if they have their passwords.

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